The Self-Liberation Bundle


Get The Self-Liberation Bundle! It includes all of the books currently offered under Liberty Under Attack Publications. Currently, there are 18! Save big and order the bundle today!

1) Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation
2) Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom
3) Vonu, Book 2: Letters From Rayo
4) The Life of Tom Marshall
5) Ocean Freedom Notes
6) Second Realm: Book on Strategy
7) #agora
8) Sedition, Subversion, and Sabotage
9) Anarchist to Abolitionist
10) Brushfire
11) Just Below The Surface: A Guide to Security Culture
12) The Permanent Floating Voluntary Society
13) An Illusive Phantom of Hope: A Critique of Reformism
14) A Vonu Guide To Firearms
15) VonuLife, March 1973
16) The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places
17) Survival Gardening Notes
18) Low Cost Living Notes


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