In addition to spreading the philosophy of freedom and practical solutions to other events, freedom festivals, & Second Realms…

We want to give YOU the opportunity to partner with Liberty Under Attack Publications.

*Have a website/digital store, and wish to offer our products?

*Travel to a lot of freedom festivals?

*Do you own a bookstore, and wish to offer our books?

Or whatever the situation…

Here are our current wholesale/affiliate options. Email [email protected] for more information or to get on board!



*Vonu (Books 1, 2 & A Strategy for Self-Liberation)
*Second Realm: Book on Strategy
*The Life of Tom Marshall
*An Illusive Phantom of Hope
*Going Mobile
*Sedition, Subversion, & Sabotage
*The Permanent Floating Voluntary Society
*Eight Faces of the Goddess
*Community Technology
*Ocean Freedom Notes
*Survival Gardening Notes
*Low Cost Living Notes
*Big Book of Secret Hiding Places


*Just Below The Surface: A Guide to Security Culture ($10/each)

*Brushfire & 2048 ($10/each)

*A Vonu Guide to Firearms ($15/each)

*Freedom on the Front Range ($19.99/each)

*VonuLife, March 1973 ($12.99/each)

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We can also generate you a custom 10% discount code to offer to your audience. Anytime that code is used, you receive $1 per book commmission (paid out via BTC or XMR when balance hits $50).

Tip: Bundles are like a free commission multiplier — i.e. sell a Self-Liberation Bundle, receive $18 commission!

Email shane@libertyunderattack to become an affiliate today!

BONUS: Sell $250 worth of books and get a FREE LUA Publications flag!