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Welcome to Liberty Under Attack, your home for anarchism in action.

Who is LUA?

Shane Radliff: Founder

Shane launched the website in mid-2012 when he was just beginning his venture into politics at the mere age of 18. Nothing really came of the site until February 2015, when he launched Liberty Under Attack Radio. Since that time, his activity in the alternative media has been quite expansive. This ranges from investigative exposés, extensive court documents archives, Liberty Under Attack Publications (an in-house audiobook and book publishing outfit), podcasts, live radio, and much, much more.

He is a free market anarchist who is well-known for the Direct Action Series, The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action, and The Vonu Podcast. When he is not working in the alternative media, he enjoys gardening, riding off-road vehicles, and a good glass of scotch.

From left to right: Shane, Kal Molinet, and Jason at AnarCon 2016.

Jason Paradise is the one-and-only co-host of Liberty Under Attack Radio. His venture into the alternative media was through conspiracies, which eventually led him to Max Resistance Radio, his first introduction to the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network (where LUA first launched). He became a regular listener to LUA and eventually found his spot at the table as a co-host.

He is currently a CNC machinist at a Fortune 500 company and his current focus is solutions to the tyranny known as statism. Outside of his work in the alternative media, he enjoys Texas Hold’em, riding his Polaris Rzr, and hanging out with Shane at freedom festivals and private riding events.

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