About Us

Welcome to Liberty Under Attack Publications. Learn a little about us.

Who are we?

Shane Radliff: Founder

Shane originally launched Liberty Under Attack (LUA) in 2015 as a live radio show/podcast focusing on solutions to increase personal freedom. In January 2017, he launched The Vonu Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the revival of the long-lost freedom strategy and philosophy known as vonu.

In late 2018, he formally launched LUA Publications as a natural next step to his archiving of old vonu publications. He is a free market anarchist/vonuan and specializes in proofreading/editing, paperback formatting, and audiobook production/narration.

Email: [email protected] | My Public PGP Key (Updated 2/2/2020)

Miriam Zachariah: Lead Designer

Miriam is a Voluntaryist Artist and Analyst. Miriam has a BA in Interior Design, a BSBA in International Business and Economics, and a MBA. Miriam has a wide range of professional and artistic skills.

Her artistic skills include; interior design, graphic design (book covers, illustration, complex 3D graphic videos), voice acting, and painting. Her professional skills include; report writing, excel power user, accounting, financial analysis, data analysis, and much more. Miriam is working towards increasing her artistic repertoire with LUA Publications.