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Welcome to Liberty Under Attack Publications. Learn a little about us.

Who are we?

Shane Radliff: Founder

Shane started Liberty Under Attack in mid-2012 when he was just beginning his research into the nature of reality. He began with an adventure down the conspiratorial rabbit hole for a while, focusing primarily on the work of the late Milton William (“Bill”) Cooper; he was even a “sovereign citizen” at one time.

In February 2015, Shane started LUA Radio, which was one of his goals for quite a long time, and would prove to be the most critical step in his development personally, as well as the point of origination for the now-real world connections in the Second Realm.

Not long after launching the LUA Radio, he adopted the philosophy/ethics of voluntaryism/free market anarchism, and shifted his focus towards solutions to increase personal freedom in the here and now.

As a next logical step, in January 2017, he launched The Vonu Podcast with Kyle Rearden, a podcast dedicated to promoting the philosophy of vonu and developing the liberating strategy up into the modern day.

This was about the time he began writing his first book, Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation, and founded his publishing outfit, Liberty Under Attack Publications, which focuses on strategies and tactics for self-liberation, in addition to anarchist/agorist fiction.

He currently resides on his 22-acre homestead in The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA raising his lambs, goats, and chickens, & publishing books and podcasts. He hopes to publish more of his own works soon (too many unfinished works-in-progress!).

Email: [email protected] | My Public PGP Key (Updated 2/2/2020)

Miriam Zachariah: Lead Designer

Miriam is a Voluntaryist Artist and Analyst. Miriam has a BA in Interior Design, a BSBA in International Business and Economics, and a MBA. Miriam has a wide range of professional and artistic skills.

Her artistic skills include; interior design, graphic design (book covers, illustration, complex 3D graphic videos), voice acting, and painting. Her professional skills include; report writing, excel power user, accounting, financial analysis, data analysis, and much more. Miriam is working towards increasing her artistic repertoire with LUA Publications.