Publish With Us

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Here at Liberty Under Attack Publications, we’re always looking for great books/audiobooks to add to our catalog. We also have a passion for helping authors navigate the difficult process of publishing – we can assist with every step.

  • Proofreading/Editing
    • You finished the first draft of your manuscript: congratulations! That’s not an easy task. What you need now, is a team of experienced editors/proofreaders to get your book in tip-top shape.
  • Formatting
    • Our experienced team can get your manuscript ready-to-publish in paperback/Kindle format.
  • Audiobook Production
    • To maximize your profits and reach, it’s crucial to have your book in audio format. Here at LUA Publications, we can assist with every step of the process.
      • One of our talented voice actors can narrate your book;
      • One of our talented editors can produce it;
      • And one of our talented team members can have it ready-to-go on Amazon/Audible.

And better yet?!

You will retain 100% of the rights to your book. We don’t believe in intellectual property. We just want to help you navigate the publication process so you can get your message out there.

Interested? Contact us to schedule a free strategy call: