The Evolution Trilogy By Todd Borho



What could a moral and spiritual evolution away from a coercion-based society and towards a voluntary society look like?

The Evolution Trilogy creates a universe where just a few individuals taking right action to evade and erode the state have profound effects.

Part one of the trilogy is a near-future, sci-fi comedy spoof of the James Bond franchise, in which James Bong and his ragtag group of anarchists, armed with The Truth, techie tricks, and a full spread of crypto currencies, attempt to wake people up to the true meaning of anarchy. This part of the trilogy is written in T.V. script form for a quick, action-packed read.

Part two is a high seas adventure called “SeAgora”. This takes place about 50 years after the James Bong conclusion. A thriving anarchist seasteading agora faces increasing aggression from government mafias. Can a young scientist unlock the secrets of faster-than-light propulsion to help the agorists escape to space? Throw in some shape-shifting artificial intellect characters, betrayal, and some power-mad A.I. dictators, and you’ve got a recipe for supreme adventure.

Part three, “Agora One”, takes place 500 years after SeAgora. Anarchists from across multiple galaxies are active in a loose, voluntary agora, with jaw-dropping tech and physics-defying speeds. But what happens when the wrong tech reaches a group of statist, alien space pirates?

Todd Borho is a conscious creator. You can find more of his creations at TODDBORHO.COM.

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