Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation by Shane Radliff (First Edition) (Digital)


Since humans have existed on this Earth, coercion has been used to control, manipulate, and exploit individuals. It is an unfortunate fact of history. The State uses it to keep their hapless citizenry in line and private criminals use it to violate the autonomy of their subjects for personal gain.

So, the problem self-liberators face is coercion; and the solution is vonu.

Vonu is an awkward contraction of the words “VOluntary Not vUlnerable,” and is premised around becoming as invulnerable to the coercion of the State and the servile society as humanly possible. In Vonu: A Strategy for Self-Liberation, Shane provides a primer of sorts on the subject, in addition to a much-needed development of the strategy.

Subjects discussed include: van nomadism, wilderness vonu, minimalist sailboating, perpetual traveling, stationary intentional communities, seasteading and much more.

If you’re an individual looking for practical ways to increase your personal freedom, look no further. Vonu is yours for the making.


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