LUA Radio 1.24.16: Direct Action Series #4 w/ Commander Dale Brown

Direct Action Series Com. Brown

On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we released the fourth edition of the direct action series. We were joined by Commander Dale Brown from the Threat Management Center to discuss his organization, the model and philosophy of it, and important things that future private security entrepreneurs need to know.

There was a time zone confusion and he didn’t arrive until 7pm CST (1 hour into the show). In the first hour we discussed the newest edition of my Adventures in Illinois Higher Education and the Fascistbook trends of the day.

It’s worth noting that there were some technical difficulties towards the end and there was no conclusion. That being said, Kyle Rearden and I will be doing a supplemental podcast/video regarding private security and the unconstitutionality of cops in the next week or two that will be released on the LUA site and YouTube channel.

Things didn’t go as planned, but there was still a ton of important information and, as I mentioned, there will be a subsequent edition along the same subject line.


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