3/3/2017 UPDATE: Cash Newmann was kind of enough to put his audio jiu-jistu on a good audiobook to make it a great one. The player and download links have been updated to reflect that.

The following is an audiobook production of Ben Stone’s Sedition, Subversion, and Sabotage, Field Manual No.1: A Three Part Solution to the State, produced and narrated in part by Liberty Under Attack Publications. Below, you will find the players necessary to listen on this website, as well as download links to the audiobook.

Notes: To find out who’s narrating what chapters, see below. Also, to download the files, open the download links, “right click” on the black background, and click “save as.”

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Part 1: Peaceful Sedition

Download Part 1.

Part 2: Simple Sabotage

Download Part 2.

Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare

Download Part 3.


Part 1: Peaceful Sedition

Chapter 1 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 2 – Melissa Rajkovich
Chapter 3 – Dave Driscoll/Dianna Keiler
Chapter 4 – Jeremy Henggeler
Chapter 5 – Dianna Keiler
Chapter 6 – Shane Radliff

Part 2: Simple Sabotage

Chapter 1 – Merrick VanLandingham
Chapter 2 – Shane Radliff
Chapter 3 – Mark Taylor
Chapter 4 – Travis McQuivey
Chapter 5 – Travis McQuivey

Part 3: Ethics Based Selective Irregular Warfare

All – Kyle Rearden
Conclusion – Shane Radliff

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