Sedition, Subversion, and Sabotage, Field Manual No. 1: A Three Part Solution To The State


A Three Part Solution to The State, is a collaborative effort by The Office of Sedition, Subversion, and Sabotage (OSSS) and the Lego Distribution Network (LDN), to do just that. To briefly explain what needs to be done and what should be avoided in the process. It is written as a provisional manual because it is intended to be updated and modified as circumstances change. And it is intentionally written in such a way as to not glorify an individual personality. This is not a book written to fluff a writer’s ego while filling his pockets with cash and filling his calendar with speaking engagements. It is a disassembly manual on how to remove the chains of slavery that authoritarians have placed on humanity. Get your copy today and get the process started.

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