Behind Enemy Lines: Civil Defiance

Note: The following is a mirrored copy of a discussion between Kyle Rearden and Gary Hunt on the subject of civil defiance, recorded on June 12th, 2016. Enjoy.


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As the oppression of government tyranny becomes exacerbated, people become curious as to what options exist for them in order to restore their liberty. Disobeying unjust laws was proposed before the Civil War, but mere noncompliance with arbitrary commands and demands might not be enough anymore. Would it not be fair to say that the time has come for us to move to in more bravely asserting our rights in open defiance of the tyrants who claim the right to rule us?

Referenced literature includes:

The Other (not so) Thin Line

National Parks Held Hostage

Resistance Has Begun

Oathkeepers v. Militia – Part II

Olympia, WA: Largest Civil Disobedience in US History

Olympia, WA: 2000+ Armed Patriots Defy Felony Gun Restriction

Escalation – What’s Next?

Burns Chronicles No. VIII: Active Patriots v. Passive Patriots

Burns Chronicles No. IX: Civil Defiance or Submission?

Burns Chronicles No. XI: What are the III%?

Escalation & Fear: Fear & Escalation

The Plan for the Restoration of Constitutional Government

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