Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom (AUDIOBOOK)

Over the past month or so, Kyle Rearden and myself have been digitizing Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom by Rayo (A.K.A. El Ray and Tom Marshall),  edited by Jon Fisher, and originally published by Loompanics Unlimited in 1983. Below, is the audiobook version, as well as the transcribed PDF. Any errors by the author have been left for authenticity, but may have been corrected in brackets for ease of reading. Beyond that, any errors in the transcription are solely those of the transcriber. Enjoy.



Download the Word document.
Download the PDF.

Audiobook (Click the links to download, or use the players below.)

Vonu: Section 1, Narrated by Kyle Rearden (The Last Bastille blog)
Vonu: Section 2, Narrated by Shane Radliff (Liberty Under Attack)

Vonu: Section 1

Vonu: Section 2

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