Treat Your Prepper Recruits Like Job Applicants

By: Stan

June 12, 2015


Getting a job is brutal at times, you do your research and work hard all to maybe get a job. The reason for this is to prove yourself to the employer that you are interested full in the job and that you can do the job. Which brings me to the question, if I am going to choose people to be a part of my prepper community should I treat them like job applicants?


Interview Image


In today’s world social media have become a big part of peoples lives and employers are taking full advantage of that. Through social media they can find out a lot about you and not all of it can be good. Employers look for several things, and they treat your social media sites as a digital representation of yourself. First thing they look at is how you interact with others, they take it as a direct relation to how they think you will act in the work place. Second they look at photos, and with that they are looking at a lot of the same stuff like how you are interacting with people, are you drinking underage or other illegal activity, and anything that can be controversial. Third that groups you are apart of or things you like, that they are looking for here is anything controversial, this includes political and religious. The range of the things that they will be looking for will depend on the needs of the employer. So can this be applied to your prepping community and if so is it an effective way to weed out people who may not be right for your community?

When you’re applying for jobs, employers will expect you to research the company to show that you have interest in working for them. In prepping, could it be effecting to ask your recruits if they know what you do. If they did do research on the community, it would show they are interested in joining. You have to also consider that not every community is the same and if they are interested enough to do research that maybe they feel they are in the right place.

Background checking the recruit, you may be surprised what is on the internet and what you can find out about people. It can be important to know the fact on those you maybe will spend your time with in the hard times that often lead people to join the prepping life style. People in your prepping community should be people that you can trust, shouldn’t they?

So, if an employer uses these tools to hire the right employee, is it a good idea to use this tactic to find the right people to join you in the hard time that may come about in an event where you would have to come together and rely on each other to survive?