Thoughts on the Faux News “Libertarian” Party Debates

lp debate

A few days ago when I was on a private call with a colleague, I had a realization: The “Libertarian” party is just the Constitution Party of today. That said, I’m not sure what candidate was worse:

  • Gary Johnson advocating for the use of government violence against a business owner for exercising his right to do business (or not do business) with customers;
  • Austin Petersen’s consistent worship of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers; or
  • John McAfee’s (what I perceived) lack of understanding of libertarianism in general (although, that could be said about the other two as well)

Many have expressed that a nationally televised debate was a huge win for “libertarians”, but I beg to differ. As I stated in a previous article:

I would rather recruit disgruntled voters to the idea of voluntaryism, rather than deceitfully “trick them” into joining, yet, another political party. Only, in the case of the LP, they will just see their time, money, and effort wasted in a much more measurable manner—the continued growth of government, despite their “efforts”.

That, and this debate will further endorse the idea that libertarians can run for office and vote, which is contradictory to the two main premises of the philosophy, and therefore wrong in so many ways.

Rather than having people take the initiative in creating the freedom they desire in their own lives (as per The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action), these aspiring political rulers would rather you continue subjugating yourselves within the political sphere.

One final note in regards to Darryl W. Perry. I’ve enjoyed some of the things he’s said in debates, but again, the inconsistency needs to be pointed out. Perry aspires to be another “anarchist politician,” which is just as contradictory as an atheist priest.

In summation, my hostility towards the anti-libertarian “Libertarian” party will continue, as well as my attempts to limit membership into their political gang.

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