The Week of July 6th: Debunking the Libertarian Party



For those who haven’t been following LUA closely, the goal for the past week was to expose the Libertarian Party for what they are: a dangerous, inconsistent group of naive people who think that they can “infiltrate the State” and turn it into a Liberty loving group of megalomaniacs.

Let me break that last sentence down piece by piece, as it was a loaded statement.

First off, the LP is dangerous. They are giving legitimacy and credibility to the most dangerous superstition, the belief in ‘authority’ and ‘government’.

Secondly, they are inconsistent. They talk about Liberty and the free market, and then they advocate for government, even though they openly acknowledge that, 1) government throughout history has always violated the life, Liberty, and property of its citizens, and 2) power corrupts.

To break that second point down a little further, the naive folks at the LP think that when they gain power, they will only use that power morally and justly, completely ignoring that fact that 99.9% of people that are granted this ‘authority’, turn into murderous, immoral psychopaths. To take it one step further, even if they do only use their power morally and justly, to repeal laws, that is also completely ludicrous. Ron Paul “infiltrated the State” for over 30 years and the government has only gotten more tyrannical.

Finally, the ridiculous notion that the LP can “infiltrate the State” to turn it into something bearable is utterly ridiculous. It would be a much easier task to infiltrate the KKK and turn it into the NAACP.

What you are about to see is the past week’s work on debunking the LP.

That consists of:

  1. My article discussing my adventure in attending a local LP chapter meeting;
  2. The July 12th broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, where Matt and I, break down and analyze the LP Platform and show you just how absurd their ideas and beliefs truly are, and finally;
  3. A spoken discourse of a party dialogue between an LP Advocate vs. an Anti-Political Libertarian. This was taken from Neither Bullets nor Ballots by George H. Smith and can be found here. Kyle Rearden from the Last Bastille blog plays the Anti-Political Libertarian and Shane Radliff from LUA plays the LP Advocate. (Alternatively, you can download the PDF here.)

Enjoy and share.

  1. Behind Enemy Lines: The Dangers of the Libertarian Party – Article by Shane from LUA
  2. July 12th’s broadcast of LUA Radio titled: “Debunking the Libertarian Party.
  3. Party Dialogue: LP Advocate vs. an Anti-Political Libertarian. (Spoken Discourse)