The Marinea Podcast

In addition to Liberty Under Attack Radio and The Vonu Podcast, I am also the communications specialist for The Marinea Project. In short, Marinea is a project working towards starting a village at sea in international waters–yes, that’s right, free from government interference. Please visit the website (linked above) for more great resources!

As communications specialist, I am the guy who hosts the podcast, handles interviews on other radio shows/podcasts, etc. If you would like to schedule an interview with me on Marinea, please shoot me an email:

All of the archives will be below; episodes are released bi-weekly on Thursdays.

The Marinea Podcast #1: Introduction
The Marinea Podcast #2: What is Marinea? with Bob Llewellyn
The Marinea Podcast #3: What is Marinea? Part 2, with Bob Llewellyn
The Marinea Podcast #4: Abundance Through Seasteading with Mark Stephan


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