The Anti-Gun Pussies Are Back

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The following is a response to the reemergence of the anti-gun pussies. Below, you will find libertarian responses to the murders in Charleston and you will also find out why gun grabbing after the Charleston murders will actually prove counter-productive.

Spoken Discourses on Self-Defense & Gun Control – Kyle Rearden from the Last Bastille blog

1. Openly Carrying Firearms

Download this spoken discourse. (MP3)

2. Serious Self-Defense

Download this spoken discourse. (MP3)

Austinites Debate Gun Control

The following is a dramatic reading of an exchange between Kyle Rearden and Dr. John Traphagan on his article titled, “When will we examine our heavily armed  culture?” It’s worth a mention that Dr. Traphagan made multiple claims with no source citations and Kyle Rearden proved his claim better in an email than Dr. Traphagan could in an article printed in a mainstream newspaper.

The exchange was two emails and the dramatic reading features Shane Radliff playing the role of Dr. Traphagan.

Download this spoken discourse. (MP3)

Gun-grabbing always leads to the inevitable end of statism, which is known as democide. Proceed accordingly.