The following is supplemental content for next Sunday’s (10/1) episode with a returning guest, Darrell Becker. It is a 5-part, 5+ hour presentation by David Harriman, founder of The Falling Apple Science Institute. It was initially posted and put together by Richard Grove of the Peace Revolution Podcast. David’s portion starts at 1hr 20min in.

Herein, David provides the history of the philosophic corruption of reality and describes exactly why modern science has gone off the rails into [Immanuel] Kantian subjectivism.

If you don’t have time to listen by next Sunday, that’s okay, but we will move quickly through the subject of this supplemental episode. Whether you’re interested in physics or not, this is a highly valuable piece of content and is absolutely crucial to the continued evolution of humanity.

Please enjoy.

Reference Map from Peace Revolution:

(0m-3m) The Solipsist – From the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Radio Series) by Douglas Adams (on YouTube)

(3m-8m) Sample from David Harriman’s Philosophic Corruption of Physics Lecture

(Reference) The Philosophic Corruption of Physics supplement pdf

(Interview) David Harriman’s interviews with Jan Irvin @ Gnostic Media

(Book) David Harriman’s “Falling Apple” Institute (www.FallingApple.org)

(Book) “The Logical Leap: Induction in Physics” by David Harriman

(Interview) David Harriman interview on “The Logical Leap” (on YouTube)

(8m-20m) Richard’s opening monologue

(20m-1h20m) Richard Grove interviewed by Jack Blood 08-09-12 discussing LIBOR, PSYWAR, the origins of MK Ultra, and the Philosophic Corruption of Reality which rules the world; as well as how to make that model obsolete.

(Book) Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins pdf, see: pages 206-208 (on Archive dot org)

(1h20-7h33m) The Philosophic Corruption of Physics (Lectures 1-5) by David Harriman