Shane on the Scritch Show Podcast with Chris Jantzen

shane on scritch show

This past month, I had the pleasure of being on Chris Jantzen’s Scritch Show podcast. We discussed a number of subjects including my background, my motivation for starting/running LUA, my parents’ thoughts on my views, and anarchism/voluntaryism more generally. The MP3 file is below.

(Note: Content has slowed down just a little bit, but with the culmination of this semester of higher level indoctrination upon me, I’ve had to shift some of my focus onto that. That said, I do have about 3 articles nearing completion, so we will be back at our steady flow of content momentarily.)

Show Notes:

Shane was once the “silent lion”. He is now the host of Liberty Under Attack where he studies and discusses issues of freedom and liberty. Shane is a student on a mission to educate others about what it means to find personal liberty. TheFreedom Umbrella Of Direct Action offers many ways for folks to find new levels of liberty. I enjoyed Shane’s point of view and willingness to help others. Below are some links that may help further study:
Anthologies, Liberty Under Attack
The Pencil
Only On Paper, Kyle Reardon
Lysander Spooner
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Here is the podcast Ive begun listening to that I couldn’t introduce properly in the interview:
Wes Bertrand, Complete Liberty
Complete Liberty: The Demise Of The State And The Rise Of Voluntary America

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