Quote of the Month: March 2016

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Yes, another quote of the month regarding voting, but it is necessary, as yesterday was Super Statist Tuesday– in other words, the slaves in some tax farms partook in subjugating themselves before those who falsely imagine themselves to be “our” rulers. Although, this quote by George H. Smith focuses specifically on the anti-libertarian libertarian party, and the ideological inconsistencies that come with it. In “Party Dialogue”, Part 2 of “Neither Bullets nor Ballots”, Smith lays it out quite succinctly.

The tl;dr version of the quote will be in the image. For the full quote, see below.

george h. smith quote

“The vote sanctifies injustice. If the libertarian message is to be truly radical – if libertarians are to lead the fight, not only against this or that injustice, but against the political system that perpetuates and legitimizes injustice – then we must condemn voting altogether. A libertarian cannot use the vote for his own end, as if the vote were morally neutral. The vote is the method by which the State maintains its illusion of legitimacy. There is no way a libertarian organization can assail the legitimacy of the State while soliciting votes.” – George H. Smith

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