Quote of the Month: June 2016

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As an anarchist, I didn’t celebrate “Memorial Day” on May 30th, but rather the freedom holiday, Voluntaryism Day. That said, even though I don’t celebrate statist holidays, there are plenty of others that do. In regards to this specific one, I figured this quote by Murray Rothbard explains a lot of anarchists’ frustration when they witness the worship of a piece of fabric and the State it represents. To provide a little background, Rothbard was discussing the incessant flag-waving that took place between the months of July-August of 1984, highlighting a couple of specific events. I’d recommend reading the full article, as well as my flag trilogy (1, 2, 3). Enjoy.

Meme Burns Oregon

What in hell is happening in America? This has been an Endless Summer, an odious, repellent, horrifying orgy of Patriotic Shlock. In all my years I have never seen so many blankety-blank American flags being waved, mindlessly, over and over again. -Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, Volume XVIII, No. 7-8, July-August, 1984

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