Proof of Success: Cancelling My Voter Registration

Note: For more information on cancelling, click here.


By: Shane Radliff

June 25th, 2015


Back in April, I began my attempt to cancel my voter registration. I followed the instructions of the kind government employee and waited for proof of cancellation to come in the mail for a few weeks.

I then went back when I was summoned to serve on a jury, and she said they weren’t going to send anything and they didn’t have anything they could give me for proof.

Well, me being the person I am, I wanted something to frame and put up in my sorry for an excuse of a studio, and also proof that it really does work.

So today, during my adventure of observing a criminal court proceeding, I trundled on down to the Government Center in Downtown Bloomington and tried a third time.

This visit provided me a different government employee and she actually provided me proof of my “cancelled” status.

Even in the Communist State of Illinois, it’s rather easy to cancel your voter registration; now, getting them to provide proof may take a few trips,  but is still very much worth it in my opinion.

The redacted document is below.

Document Provided to me by McLean County