Profiling Technologies

Below is a collection of technologies used to profile American citizens.

Drone Surveillance

Shadowhawk Armed Police Drone – Vanguard Defense Industries

Surveillance Drone Footage – Vanguard Defense Industries

Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against A US Citizen Who Is A Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qaeda – 130202 – DOJ

Advanced Imaging Technology – TSA

AIT Passenger Checkpoint Video

How it Works

Future Attribute Scanning Technology (FAST) – DHS

Future Attribute Scanning Technology

Mobile X-Ray Vans (DHS)

Marc Rotenberg on Mobile X-Ray Vans (Fox News)

Mini-Z American Science Engineering

Z Backscatter Vans – American Science Engineering

Advertisement for Predictive Data-Mining

An Introduction to Recorded Future

One Mainframe To Rule Them All – IBM and VeriChip, The Human Micro-Chipping Agenda (Greg Nikolettos)

Edwin Black gives a good presentation of how the Third Reich used IBM’s Hollerith punch-card system to profile the  undesirables and other dissidents, which made democide possible. This documentary also explains how human implantable RFID chips can be used to turn humans into commodities that will be tracked throughout the emerging “internet of Things“.

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