The Most Dangerous Superstition Bundle [Books by Larken Rose]


The Most Dangerous Superstition Bundle features two books by Larken Rose:

  • 1x  The Most Dangerous Superstition
  • 1x What Anarchy Isn’t


The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition which infects the minds of people of all races, religions and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.



What Anarchy Isn’t is a short pamphlet by Larken Rose – author of The Most Dangerous Superstition, that breaks down popular misconceptions about Anarchy and Voluntaryism. Anarchy isn’t about violence, chaos, dystopia, communism or anything else organized crime’s propaganda system would have you believe. If you have ever wanted to give a friend or familiy member a short treatise on the basics of anarchy and voluntaryism, this is it!

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