Ocean Freedom Notes (1984-1990)


Ocean Freedom Notes is an anthology of articles from the years 1984-1990, discussing the prospects of self-liberation on the open ocean. The foreword by Shane Radliff reads:

“When I first read Vonu: The Search for Personal Freedom, Rayo introduced a possibility for personal freedom (or, invulnerability to coercion) that I had never even considered—that is, the open ocean. Since then, I have built quite a reputation in my circles for my affinity for the open ocean. I was even asked to join (and did) The Marinea Project, whose goal is to start a village at sea near the Cay Sal Bank.

It’s a dream, something incredible to think about, but finding freedom on the open ocean is more possible than most realize—individuals and families have been doing it extensively for years.

What you are about to read, Ocean Freedom Notes, is a publication that spanned from 1984-1990, and highlights such individuals who decided to ‘take the dive’ and live unconventional lifestyles. In this publication, the contributors discuss inhabiting previously uninhabited ocean islands, starting permanent floating voluntary societies, starting new countries on icebergs, ocean energy sources, and more importantly, firsthand experience from ‘doers’, not simply theorizers.

And, if you didn’t already, you will also begin to understand some individuals’ endless striving for personal freedom, and the great lengths they went to obtain it. These are the people Rayo would call ‘freedom pioneers’ and he was right.

Thankfully for us in the 21st century, these individuals paved the way so that we don’t have to face the same trials and tribulations that they did. In regards to the political aspect, there’s still much to learn there, but if someone truly desires freedom, they will take the steps necessary.

It is my hope that the reading ahead isn’t just purely for entertainment; rather, it is my hope that these articles will inspire you to go against the grain and try something new, whether it’s in pursuance of personal freedom, or just to expand your experiences as a human being.

To conclude, I think Rayo put it best: ‘If your State of anchorage becomes intolerable, don’t waste energy in extended public criticism or conflict; apply your free market principles by setting sail for sunnier waters.'”

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