LUA Radio 9.25: The Consequences of Equality with Matt Battaglioli


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In this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we were joined by Matt Battaglioli, the author of the recently released book, The Consequences of Equality.

We discussed his book, some of the controversial subjects discussed therein (i.e. closed borders, racial differences), and then went relatively deep into philosophy and economics; namely, Hans-Herman Hoppe’s argumentation ethics, why Austrian economics is important, Immanuel Kant’s influence on it and whether that’s something worthy of notice, as well as his reading recommendations for someone just getting their feet wet in these fields, and much more.

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Show Notes:

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Argumentation Ethics Anthology

Hoppe’s My Battle With the Thought Police

Kinsella’s Interview with Tom Woods on Argumentation Ethics

The Truth About Central Banking and Business Cycles by FEE

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