On this episode of LUA Radio, we return to the topic of the Second Realm. We are pleased to welcome @JoeSal to the podcast, a gentleman I met on Steemit. For the past few weeks, we have been discussing the subject in quite a lot of depth; I found his insight, perspective, and contributions highly valuable and decided to invite him onto the show.

We begin by discussing the map of the Second Realm he put together, wherein he proposes that two applications will likely exist: “socially constructed” Second Realms and Second Realm outposts. Then, we dive into some potential obstacles that individuals might run into when building these free, autonomous zones, Kyle provides his input and disagreements, and much more.

Big thanks to Joe for his contributions and for coming onto the show.

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Show Notes:
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The Second Realm: Response to JoeSal
The Second Realm: Response to JoeSal (Part 2)


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