Crypto-Week, Part 2: BipCoin with Michael W. Dean (LUA Podcast #8, 12/8/16)

This part two of #Crypto-Week features an interview with Michael Dean, a co-founder of the Freedom Feens Radio Show, which I am now a rotating co-host on. We discussed his new CryptoNote based crypto-currency called BipCoin. Subjects include: how it came intro fruition, what CryptoNote technology does, the differences between BipCoin and Bitcoin, the ease of mining on normal computers, and much more. Jason also joins me for the conclusion to provide us with his thoughts.

This was an extremely fun interview that should peak your interest into this relatively new crypto-currency. Keep a lookout for part two of my interview with Michael on DotBip that will be released this Sunday.

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Note: I mentioned in the conclusion that we aren’t looking for more co-hosts, but I honestly wouldn’t be adverse to another, as long as it is a good fit.

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Show Notes:

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