Off-Grid Living with Alex Ansary (LUA Podcast #6, 12/1/16)


On this podcast, I am joined by Alex Ansary, an off-grid homesteader in Colorado. We had him on the show as part of the direct action series on May 8th of this year to discuss RV Living. Around that time, he was looking to purchase a piece of land and get off the road, so to speak.

I figured it was time to have him back on for an update. He filled us in on his current setup, stores for the winter, how he accesses Internet, and also his plans for the future; that includes growing his own food, raising livestock, and upgrades to his shed.

In the latter part of the interview, I also got his thoughts on the recent Trump election, as he has had a lot to say on that. He gave us his predictions and theories on how that happened and what is to comeā€”and yes, it does get a bit conspiratorial, but it was definitely interesting and a possibility worth considering.

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Show Notes:

May 8th, 2016 Interview with Alex

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