On this episode of Liberty Under Attack, we welcome back our LUA creative consultant, Kyle Rearden, in an attempt to answer this question: is there such a thing as “private” land ownership in Amerika?

We provide you with a brief historical overview of the development of private property ethics in the West, define and explain the significance of fee simple and allodial title, examine the ramifications that stem from the answer to the above question, and much more.

“Don’t try to substitute ‘legal’ ownership for physical invulnerability. Land you ‘own’ is not truly yours. The State will try to tell you what you can or can’t do with it, and will tax you for the privilege. Depending on local regulations, you may not be able to legally build a shack, put in a septic tank, plant trees, cut trees, shoot game, or grow crops without special permission from various bludg agencies. ‘Your’ land may be ‘condemned’ and taken away from you for a freeway, a dam site, or a ‘wilderness area.’ ‘Ownership’ does not even constitute a bonafide lease from the State since the State can unilaterally change its terms at any time.”-Rayo, 1971 [Emphasis added]

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