When we listen to podcasts we love, it’s always nice to get an insight into the lives behind those who produce the content–they may be selling a product, providing a service (such as information/education/entertainment), or whatever, but it’s always nice to find out who you’re “buying” from, even if that price is not in monetary terms. For that reason, as well as being newly minted on Truth Frequency Radio, we decided it would be nice to “interview each other” and dig into just what exactly got us to where we are today.

In this episode, Jason interviews Shane–topics include what all he does in the alternative media, what originally motivated him to start the show, his path to anarchism, and what he wants his audience to take away from his work.

We understand this a slight detour from the content we usually put out, but we had fun making it, and hope you have fun listening to it.

Note: It’s just as odd to be interviewed on your own podcast, as it is to talk about yourself in the third person.


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