Was Jury Nullification a Factor for C4CF in Oregon? (LUA Podcast, 11/13/16)


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Well, I might as well come out and say it: as of November 17th, LUA will no longer be doing live broadcasts (at least for the time being) and will strictly be podcasting. I explain the reasoning for that in the introduction to this podcast.

The main subject at hand is this: did jury nullification play a part in the not guilty verdicts of seven different C4CF defendants up in Oregon? I’ve witnessed both anarchists and Constitutionalists alike making the claim that it did.

It’s a pretty cut and dry answer…There’s really no room for debate whatsoever. Kyle Rearden and I also discuss the problems with jury nullification as a potential solution for liberty.

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Show Notes:

Juror #4 Transcript

An Illusive Phantom of Hope: A Critique of Reformism (Anthology/Audiobook)

My Experience as a Juror (“Felony Scratching”)

Kyle’s website


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