LUA Radio Special Edition 5.20.16: The “Fake Judges” Refuse, The NLA Ignores

The “Sovereign Citizens” Are Still Douchebags

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This evening, Kyle and I put the closing touches on our battle with the “sovereign citizens.” In the first hour, we discussed the “fake judges” and the failed attempt at setting up a debate–they refused. In the second hour, we discussed my recently released article titled The National Liberty Alliance is Attempting to Subvert the Committee of Safety Concept, tied the two together, and provide you, the listener, with lessons that need to be learned from these two things.

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Show Notes

LUA Radio Special Edition: The “Sovereign Citizens” Are Douchebags

The “Fake Judge” Retreat to Alaska (Screenshots)

Other Screenshots Referenced in Show

Press Release: The Subversion of Patriot Groups by Self-Proclaimed Judges

NLA/COS page

NLA CoS Registry

Raw Story Article: CoS/Sovereign Citizen “Ties”

LUA’s Interview with Alex Ansary

Kyle’s First Appearance on The New Concord Hour (TNCH) (Early American Heroines, Committees of Safety, & Political Prisoners)

Kyle’s Second Appearance on TNCH (SLV “Just Us” Off-Grid Homesteaders in Costilla County, Fake Judges, & Cancelling Your Voter Registration)

Maggie Defends Free Speech After Backlash from Kyle’s Second Appearance

Kyle’s Third Appearance TNCH (Sovereign Citizens & Their Fake Judges)

“American State National” Anna von Reitz Claims She’s Not a Fake Judge

Anna von Reitz Thinks Critics of the Fake Judges Give the National Liberty Alliance a Free Pass

Disingenuous Activists! Why Leaderless Resistance is Preferable to Formal Organizations

Sifting the Wheat from the Chaff: The Value of Skepticism

The Demonization of the Costilla County Off-Grid Homesteaders: How the San Luis Valley “Just Us” Group was Sabotaged

Kyle’s Only on Paper Primer Refuting the Sovereign Citizen Ideology

Gary Hunt and Kyle’s Patriot Mythology Series

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