LUA Radio LIVE from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival

mplc 2016

Thankfully, it’s that time of year again–a time where anarchists gather to be around like-minded individuals; a time where property rights and self-ownership are ultimately respected; a time to escape the statism that is so prevalent within the modern world.

It’s time for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival. And, just as last year, LUA Radio will be live on the ground. Here’s what to expect from us.

On Saturday at 5pm EST, I will be giving a presentation on The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action and the Direct Action Series–this won’t be live, but it will be filmed and made available. If you’re attending, make sure to come check it out!

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On Sunday at 8pm EST/7pm CST, LUA Radio will be LIVE from the fest. Danny and I will be broadcasting from the same location for the first time and we will be conducting some interviews you don’t want to miss. Tune-in by visiting FPRNradio.com/listen-live or just search for “FPRN Radio” on your favorite smartphone application.

Ben Lopez

I’ll also have a number of things for sale. First off, I have about 20 LUA voluntaryist koozies to get rid off. More importantly, I will have the entire direct action series compilation for sale, presented to you in advertisement-free format. I’ll be giving away FPRN Radio bumper stickers with every purchase. Bitcoin preferred.


If you’re in the Midwest and aren’t doing anything this weekend, please consider making the trip out. It’s an experience like none other and we’d certainly love to see you there.


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