LUA Radio 8/8-8/9: Live from the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest

By: Shane Radliff [social title=”” subtitle=”” link=”www.facebook.com/LUAtruth” icon=”fa-facebook”]

August 6th, 2015

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LUA will be on the ground at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest in Delton, Michigan.

This will definitely be a huge weekend for Liberty Under Attack. I will be at the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest Saturday and Sunday to experience the true freedom of anarchy for the first time. New developments in preparation have also allowed me to be live for more than just the normal show on Sunday.

On Saturday, from 4-6pm CST, we will be broadcasting Kal Molinet‘s “Spreading Anarchy Workshop”.

On Sunday, we will broadcast Adam Kokesh’s speech from 12-2pm CST, and can hopefully snag an interview with him afterwards; and as usual, we will be live at 6pm CST for Liberty Under Attack radio.

For the second hour, I will turn it over to my co-host, Matt K., and Kyle Rearden from the Last Bastille blog, to discuss freedom communities. They will be asking the question: “Does voting with your feet increase liberty?”

All of this will be hosted at FPRN Radio, so even if you can’t make it, you can at least get a taste of what the MPLC is all about.

Make sure to tune-in for our various live events, “like” LUA on Facebook for updates throughout the weekend, and subscribe to the LUA YouTube channel for high quality interviews and footage.