LUA Radio 8.23.15: Derrick Broze and Jaime Sherman from Anarchyball


On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we introduce the two new co-hosts, Danny and Stan. In the second and third segment, we interview Derrick Broze on anarchy, spirituality, the Ross Ulbricht trial and what it means. In the final segment, we are joined by Jaime Sherman, the creator of anarchyball and the Voluntaryist comic book series. We discuss his upcoming projects and the use of comedy and entertainment in spreading the true message of freedom, which is anarchy.

Visit Derrick’s website: www.theconsciousresistance.com

Visit Anarchyball: www.facebook.com/anarchyball

Support Jaime’s new Voluntaryist comic book series: www.tinyurl.com/savingsnowden