LUA Radio 7.21: Use of Force Issues & Analyzing The Odyssey

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On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, Kyle and I covered two subjects, one more serious and the other more comical.

On Sunday’s broadcast, we discussed Jim Bell’s proposed theory of assassination politics, which got me thinking about why there is little to no discussion regarding use of force issues within the libertarian/anarchist community. That said, in the first hour, we attempted to answer the questions, “Why do so many libertarians/anarchists avoid the subject?” and “Why is it such an uncomfortable thing to discuss?”

In the second hour, we Analyzed The Odyssey, a blogging platform that I recently became a contributor to—more specifically, we chose five articles to read and discuss on-air, to take you inside the mind of Millennials (scary, I know!).

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(Articles discussed in 2nd hour)

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Article 2

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