LUA Radio 6.23 DAS #22: School Sucks w/ Brett Veinotte

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On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we hosted the 22nd edition of the direct action series. We covered three items off of The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action; namely, strategic withdrawal, myth busting, and debunking fallacies.

In the first three segments, we were joined by Brett Veinotte from the School Sucks Podcast to discuss government indoctrination, more commonly known as public schooling. We started our discussion by digging into the root problems of the institution and the sheer lunacy found within.

In the second segment, we dug into Brett’s background, the Prussian model of schooling adopted by the United States, and more.

In the third segment, Brett provided the basic criteria for communicating the dangers of public schooling to those we are close to that are still within the institution.

In the final segment, I played the spoken discourse for my article titled, “The National Liberty Alliance is Attempting to Subvert the Committee of Safety Concept.” After that, I provided additional information on the results of its release, and explained why it should be important to libertarians/anarchists.

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Show Notes:

Check out Brett’s website/podcast

Check out the FUDA

Check out my newest article titled Gavin Seim on Anarchy: A Rebuttal

Check out my Adventures in Illinois Higher Education series

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