LUA Radio 6.21.15: Kal Molinet from Liberate RVA

Matt's Meme

On tonight’s broadcast, we are joined by Kal Molinet, an anarchist from Richmond, Virginia. In his tax farm, he’s promoting Liberate RVA, a non-political organization whose goal is to end the State and turn to the non-violent solutions that we already share.

Furtherance of that goal is to have others start “Liberate” communities across the tax farm known as the United States, in hopes of turning the community as a whole against the violent monopoly known as the State and in the direction of true freedom, which cannot be obtained through political action.

Kal breaks down the State as a whole and goes into a great amount of detail on varying subjects.

You’ll want to listen to this full interview. Also, keep a look-out for further collaborations with Kal in the future.

Make sure to check out their website: LiberateRVA.com

And also, make sure to check out our new material: libertyunderattack.com