LUA Radio 11.22.15: AIHE, Four Ways to Build a Free Society, & Christian Anarchism

11.22.15 Event

On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we covered a wide range of topics. In the first segment, we discussed the newest edition of my Adventures in Higher Education series and a number of Doom Porn scenarios happening at a couple of universities within Central Illinois this past Thursday.

In the second segment, we discussed a recent speech by Jeff Deist called “Four Ways to Build a Free Society,” and pointed out some critiques and flaws with his argument.

In the final two segments, we discussed the compatibility of Christian Anarchism with libertarian principles, with Stan, a co-host of LUA Radio. In the final segment, Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog called in to further debunk any notion of America being a “Christian Nation”.

A link from Stan.