LUA Radio 10.4.15: Stephanie Murphy/Introduction to Austrian Economics

Stephanie Murphy - Mises #1 Show Pic

On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack radio, we were joined by Stephanie Murphy, host of PorcTherapy and Let’s Talk Bitcoin! We had a great discussion on varying topics, such as: her adventures in higher education, her various radio shows, psychotherapy and journaling (two items on the direct action list), and her decision to dump the political means altogether (otherwise known as reformism). It was a terrific interview and I highly recommend checking it out.

In the second hour, we provide the listeners with a sufficient foundation to begin their study into the Austrian School of economics. We played the 1st video out of 6 of the Mises Boot Camp, this one pertaining to Mises’ Human Action. Over the next couple of months, we will be running through the rest of the Mises Boot Camp.

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