LUA Radio 1.3.16: Direct Action Series #1 w/ Gary Hunt

DAS Gary Hunt

On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we were joined by Gary Hunt from the Outpost of Freedom blog, to discuss Committees of Safety and Security Teams, which was the debut of the direct action series. Gary provided great insight on the history and formation of Committees of Safety, and also the steps and training involved with starting and conducting a security team.

The Freedom Umbrella is a directory of over 100 economic means solutions. There are no value judgments being made, particularly with the efficacy of the tactics and strategies listed, for such decisions are to be made by each individual in examining and testing the methods that appeal to their own sense of purposeful behavior.

That being said, the direct action series is an in-depth analysis of each of the items on the list, with the goal of providing you with the information necessary, in selecting which of the economic means is best suited for you and your life.


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