LUA Radio 1.3.16: Direct Action Series #2 with Kyle Rearden and “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help” Band

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On this broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we were scheduled to discuss agorism and spirituality with Derrick Broze, but unfortunately he was unable to make it. That being said, for the first segment, we covered the Oregon Situation and Stan informed us about Obama’s new gun control Executive Orders.

In the second segment, Kyle Rearden from The Last Bastille blog joined us to discuss agorism with us briefly, and in the final hour we were joined by the East Coast Metal band “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help.” We discussed their band, their new EP, their views, and their opinions on particular current events. Keep a lookout for their new EP release this Spring.


Check out Kyle’s blog.

Check out “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”.