LUA Radio 1.17.16: Direct Action Series #3 w/ Jake Desyllas

Jake Desylles Event Page

On tonight’s broadcast of Liberty Under Attack Radio, we premiered the third installment of the direct action series, where we examine each item on The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action and interview folks that specialize in their respective strategies and tactics; the goal being, to provide you, the listener, with the information necessary to begin making decisions on tactics, in order to create the freedom you desire in your own life, which could then translate into freeing others.

Tonight, we were joined by Jake Desyllas to discuss financial independence and early retirement, two elements off of The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action.

In the last hour, Danny and Shane discussed Bitcoin and the current state of the world economy.

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Jake’s website/podcast.

The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action.

The articles referenced in the final hour:

St. Louis Fed Chart

CNN Article

Zero Hedge Article