Liberty Under Attack Publications: Argumentation Ethics Audiobook

The following is mirrored from The Last Bastille blog.

“Hans-Herman Hoppe’s argumentation ethics has been an extremely divisive subject within the libertarian community, as pointed out by Dr. Walter Block and Kyle Rearden. Due to the implications argumentation ethics could have on libertarianism in general, I think the 26 years of discourse is extremely important, and is something that should be continued by philosophers and economists alike. That said, it has been an issue mostly forgotten, from what I can tell, until it was brought to my attention.”

Shane Radliff


Would you like an opportunity to break into the alternative media? Feel as if your voice acting talents can be used for narration? Don’t mind volunteering your time and effort into narrating 26 years of libertarian literature? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

Five months have passed since the publication of Argumentation Ethics: An Anthology, which was exclusively published by Liberty Under Attack. Although Shane and I usually narrate both our own work as well as that of others, it’s not always possible. So, what better way to assist fellow libertarians (especially newer ones) who are eager for their big break to do so than by assisting us in publishing free audiobooks?

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please feel free to contact Shane via his email, which is [email protected].