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This evening, Kyle and I sat down to prepare for this Sunday’s show. That said, this is one subject matter that I am not familiar with in the least bit, and let me just say: you’ll want to be there to see it live, and if you’re like me, you’ll have questions.

The two topics that will be discussed are just war theory and guerrilla warfare, two things that are hardly (if ever) brought up in libertarian/anarchist circles. Why not? I mean, after all, this is a use of force issue (much like peaceful parenting), which is perfectly aligned with the non-aggression principle (and probably even self-ownership too). There are a couple of answers to that question: first off, some of the Free State Project members, such as Ian Bernard, are pacifists; this is a subject that pacifists will NEVER cover. The second one is partially conjecture, but I would proffer that unless these libertarians made their way through the Patriot movement, they have (probably) never even considered the subject. They would rather practice agorism, non-violent communication, and use Bitcoin— that’s not a bad thing either. It’s simply a matter of different emphasis.

This Sunday, we will be opening up a new door within the libertarian/anarchist community. Christopher Cantwell and Larken Rose have brushed the surface, but we’re going to have a full discussion on the subject.

Is guerrilla warfare (i.e. shooting government agents) justified by the a priori dialogical estoppel, proposed by Stephen Kinsella (in a different context)? Is it justified purely off of real, systematic grievances, such as democide?

I’m honestly not sure and that’s why I’m excited for this Sunday’s show and you should be too.

Make sure to tune-in live on April 17th at 6pm CST, here, at our home, the Freedom Phalanx Radio Network. And please do call-in. We always love to hear from our listeners, but we would especially love to hear from you in regards to the subject matter for this broadcast. And as always, you can post your questions and comments in the chatroom linked above, as we will be watching it.

*This broadcast is aligned with the 395 US 444 (1968) Brandenburg v. Ohio decision and therefore is free speech.

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