Time and time and time again, I see stories come across Facistbook about a little girl getting her lemonade stand shut down for not having the proper health permits, individuals fined/harassed by government agents for feeding the homeless, etc.

Well, apparently feeding the homeless now warrants a home raid and goons showing up to your house with bulletproof vests on. Here in Decatur, Illinois (where I recently moved to), a gentleman named Chef Khemuel Sanders found himself in this exact, precarious situation.

Help Chef Sanders get back on his feed!

Chef Sanders has always been involved in the community here locally; he helps and mentors at-risk youth, with the goal of teaching them a valuable skill: culinary arts. He is attempting to create a better world around him (and has) by helping those less fortunate.

“No, no,” says the local government. “You can’t do that.”

Earlier this week, he arrived home to police confiscating his cooking equipment, taking food out of his refrigerator, and a whole slew of other bizarre things. He was fined $100 and is unsure as to whether or not he will get his property back. His livelihood, cooking, is also at-risk — his sacrifices to those in need has now drastically affected his life.

In this podcast, I interview Chef Sanders to get a firsthand account of his story. Please help him out by donating to his GoFundMe and share this far and wide. The story has already gotten worldwide attention; that’s good. Now, let’s help him get back on his feet, and more.