The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action: Third Edition

2/8/17 Note: After we put together the first release of the FUDA, we embarked on a journey called the Direct Action Series, wherein we examine most every item on this list, as part of Liberty Under Attack Radio. I have since made the entire DAS free! Pick it up here.

By: Shane Radliff and Kyle Rearden

July 18th, 2016

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fuda 3RD


Many individuals throughout the alternative media, who advocate for the use of particular techniques by the American people in order to secure their liberty, have shown that there is a market selection of libertarian resistance to statism. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any comprehensive lists of such methods that are presented in the form of a value-free directory. The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action (FUDA) was originally codified in 2015 to be that very directory.

Albert Jay Nock wrote in his seminal work, Our Enemy, the State, that there are the political means and the economics means of making money; the political means are known more commonly as reformism (that is, the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others), and the economic means are better recognized as direct action (that is, the production and exchange of wealth). Begging those who falsely imagine themselves to be our rulers for scraps from the King’s table is the foundational basis for reformist strategy, and this sharply contrasts with exercising your freedom without asking permission from Leviathan.

The FUDA lists only “what counts” as direct action. Please keep in mind that there are no value judgments being made here, particularly with regard to the efficacy of the tactics and strategies listed, for such decisions are to be made by each individual’s personal judgment in examining and testing those methods that appeal to their own subjective preferences. Our intention was to provide a literary resource that can be used to not only help individuals begin their journey towards self-liberation, but also as something that can be returned to as a “home base” of sorts, by which they explore some other approach that appeals to their own sense of purposeful behavior.

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The Direct Action List

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