The once touted “job security” within the statist-servile society is become less and less stable as time goes on. With most folks being employed by major corporations and the seemingly endless acquisitions and mergers, more people are finding themselves laid off, bringing their financial situation into an uncertain state.

But, with that uncertainty comes new opportunities–the opportunity discussed today is building your own lifestyle business. A lifestyle business can provide you with the financial income you need and more, in addition to the freedom from the grueling 9-5 jobs.

My guest for today, Kevin Geary, has built one successful lifestyle business and is working on another right now. He launched Rebooted Body in 2013 and continues to reap in profits to this day; his new project, Six Figure Grind, is a project geared towards individuals looking to build lifestyle businesses–there’s a community for networking and you can even let Kevin’s experience work for you.

But, whether it’s a lifestyle business or an entrepreneurial venture more generally, Kevin and I discuss the major hang-ups beginners have, solutions to those problems, the importance of email marketing, and much, much more.

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Show Notes:
Rebooted Body
Six Figure Grind
Peaceful Parenting Debate (Kevin Geary v. Kyle Rearden)

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