Freedom Holidays: A Proposed Replacement for Election Day


By: Shane Radliff

June 29th, 2016

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Anarchy Day (the Fourth of July) is nearly upon us, which has brought freedom holidays to the forefront, once again. In just a few days, tax slaves will wave the flag of their oppressors, participate in cult worship, and celebrate the day their ancestors gained independence from the tyrant, King George III, only to reinstitute another set of masters.

In an even more ironic twist, the modern tax slaves will soon be heading to the election booths to participate in the deception that they actually have a choice in who will violently subjugate them for the next four to eight years.

Progressives saw this election cycle as a “glimmer of hope,” until Barnie Sandlers’ campaign headquarters was hit by one of Obama’s drone strikes. In a predictable turn of events, Barnie then endorsed Hitlery Clintock, in a desperate attempt to “keep that racist, asshole, Dolan J. Tramp out of the White House.”

Republicans are overwhelmingly happy with their “selection” of Mr. Tramp as their candidate, because “We have to do whatever it takes to keep that bitch Hitlery out of the White House; and Dolan wants to turn the Middle East into glass! He’s okay in my book.”

The “Libertarians” are also thoroughly enjoying this election cycle. It took 45 years, but thanks to the influx of disgruntled Republicans, they may just have the opportunity to lose another election, while selling their bastardized version of libertarianism. “Bake the fucking cake!” exclaims Libertine Partyarchy Presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, certainly not resembling authoritarianism in the least bit—the LP is for freedom, right?

Sadly, 95% of that is actually accurate, which might be disconcerting to those who still have faith in this system that was setup to enslave them.

There is no savior in this election cycle, nor has there ever been, and nor will there ever be. No matter who is elected, you will still be coerced and extorted from. Sure, you may prefer the fascist blend, or you may in fact prefer the socialist variety, but nonetheless, the violations of your person and property will continue unabated, and not for the “general welfare”; rather, it will be at the behest of the politicians and their lobbyists, and you will get the scraps from the King’s Table (you might even get some of your hard-earned dollars returned to you with strings attached called, “greenmail”—what benevolent thieves!).

Whether it’s the conservative or the progressive, the political climate will only continue to become regressively worse. More laws will be passed, more regulations imposed upon entrepreneurs, and more people will be murdered by their government (democide), no matter how much the “anarchist (or libertarian) politician” detests it.

The State exists to control you, and it’s time to stop providing your sanction.

Rather than subjugating yourself before those who falsely imagine themselves to be your rulers, why not cancel your voter registration? Not voting is a step in the right direction, but why not give them the middle finger, too? In other words, “Not only do I do not consent to your aspiration to rule me, but I also do not provide my sanction for the evil that you are committing.”

The concept of freedom holidays only further extrapolates that point. They can be defined as:

“…a type of libertarian culture jamming technique whereby government mythology is undermined through reappropriation of Americana.”

The State only exists due to their subjects’ fallacious belief in their authority. On top of cancelling the voter registration, what better way to dispel of that fallacy, than by not recognizing their holidays, either?

That said, there are freedom holidays for every other statist holiday, except for November 8th, Election Day. For that reason, I am proposing Direct Action Day to replace it. Rather than wasting your time, effort, and money on something that will never bring you freedom, practice direct action instead, and take the initiative in creating the freedom you so desire in your life. The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action provides over 100 potential solutions, and the Direct Action Series on Liberty Under Attack Radio provides in-depth information on most of all these strategies listed.

Direct action is obviously encouraged for those who wish to increase their own personal freedom, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, do something more productive than voting and stay home and masturbate on Election Day.

Politics has never set the slave free; it’s time for direct action.

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