The FBI Recognizes the Existence of Liberty Under Attack


By: Shane Radliff

November 15th, 2016

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It has recently come to my attention that Liberty Under Attack (LUA) has been named in an FBI intelligence document; more specifically, “SHANE” and “STAN”. This document is known as an FD-302 and it is marked at the bottom left corner, “Dissemination Limited by Court Order”.

To prevent any misunderstanding and misconstruing of any excerpts that follow, I have no intention of “disseminating” this document, nor am I subject to any “Court Order.”

Before diving in, it’s worth emphasizing that everything produced by LUA is covered by a BipCot NoGovernment License and that was mentioned at the very beginning of the broadcast in question. This douchebag government agent, namely Matthew Catalano, had the audacity to ignore it outright. Here’s what I have to say to Matthew Catalano, as impolitely as possible: please fuck off and go burn in BipCot hell with all of the other publicly shamed government agents. Your presence is not welcome and your job is immoral.

For the remainder of this article, I will be posting the respective excerpt and will make my comments below. Whenever a specific timestamp is listed with a partial or complete transcription, I will attach the MP3 of the clip to verify the accuracy.


On January 4, 2016, the writer downloaded and reviewed the Liberty Under Attack webcast titled “The Direct Action Series, Guest: Gary Hunt,” which aired on January 3, 2016 at FREEDOM PHALANX RADIO NETWORK (URL: The writer transferred the webcast file onto a compact disc (CD), which will be maintained in an FD-340, 1A Envelope in the case file. The following is a summary of this webcast recording:…

Notice that the government agent who wrote this report accessed and downloaded our interview with Hunt less than 24 hours after it was made public. LUA is a small show and we certainly aren’t attracting any attention from the FBI—especially not this interview (possibly assassination politics and guerrilla warfare, but not this). That clearly indicates that the FBI’s focus was purely on Hunt. Darn!

LIBERTY UNDER ATTACK (“LUA”) is a webcast radio show hosted by SHANE (LNU) and co-hosted by STAN (LNU). GARY HUNT was a guest on this episode of LUA’s series titled, “The Direct Action Series.” HUNT’S purpose on this January 3, 2016 episode was to speak about the concept of Committees of Safety (CoS) and Security Teams.

First off, I can’t tell you how happy I am that the Direct Action Series and The Freedom Umbrella of Direct Action (below) actually made it into an FBI investigatory report. It’s truly an honor. Secondly, the “LNU” simply means “last name unknown.” Apparently this jackass was too lazy to Google, “Shane, Liberty Under Attack.” That, or he might just have a low IQ. Either way, I’m not surprised.

At 12:23, SHANE, the host, said that before he begins each edition of the Direct Action Series he will explain why each subject covered falls within the freedom umbrella of direct action. He explained, “For both Committees of Safety (CoS) and Security Teams there’s no subjugation before those who claim to be our rulers and they both allow people to take the initiative themselves in either restoring liberty or by providing individual or collective self-defense. For the benefit of the listening audience I do think it’s important to note that CoS are from within the Constitutionalists ideology so this may not be applicable for some…but none the less it is a form of direct action even if their goal is limited government. Our job in the Direct Action Series is not to tell you which forms of direct action you should take, our job is only to provide you with the information necessary to make that decision for yourself.” [MP3 Link]

Well, I can officially cross “Get quoted in an FBI investigatory document” off of my bucket list.

From 15:12 to 1:21:50, HUNT spoke about CoS. Hunt explained that a Committee of Safety is a public group protected under the 1st Amendment’s freedom of assembly.

That is also correct—if there is one thing this government agent is not terrible at, it seems to be his ability to correctly notate timestamps. I will refrain from adding the audio clip here, as this makes up the majority of the broadcast.

At 37:05, following a commercial break, SHANE (LNU), co-host STAN, and GARY HUNT spoke about the ongoing situation with the militia seizing the MALHEUR NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE in Oregon. HUNT mentioned that Oregon is an open carry state and the militia are simply open carrying. [MP3 Link]

Also correct—stating the bleeding obvious, once again.

At 1:09:53, HUNT said, “Let me give you a little background on the Harney County Committee of Safety. RYAN PAYNE was down here. He spent about eight or ten days with me and we were preparing a PowerPoint presentation that is currently incomplete because RYAN’s found other things to do with his time including SCHUYLER BARBEAU and…the HAMMOND-Harney thing. We had talked about it and he had passed that on to AMMON BUNDY and together they talked the people in Harney County into creating a Committee of Safety. They have…a webpage already-the Harney County Committee of Safety.” SHANE provided the website address as “” HUNT continued, “What led to the creation, when the HAMMONDS would not ask for the aide of the militia…it was proposed to RYAN, that ah, if Harney County asks us to come and intervene, if the ah, state government asked us to intervene, or they created a Committee of Safety and they come and ask us to intervene. So that was what motivated the creation of the Harney County Committee of Safety; however, conflict-get back to that scenario, Torries on one side… people who care about Harney County on the other-it seems that the Torries impeded the possibility of…freedom loving Americans to come and help defend Harney County against Federal intrusion… which I think was the recommended… is along the lines of the recommended wording. So they never got to the point…they haven’t felt their full power yet…and I don’t know where they’re going to go with that.” [MP3 Link]

When I initially saw the transcription, I thought for sure that they were attempting to demonize Hunt; but, after listening to the audio, the little left out was insignificant and not nefarious in any manner.

At 1:12:18, HUNT talked about the concept of being in “the state of nature.” He said, “When you’re in a Committee of Safety, in a sense you’re in a ‘state of nature’ because you’ve said, ‘the government doesn’t exist around me. I am in Rome, I have to do as the Romans do, but otherwise I’m in a state of nature’.” At 1:13:19, HUNT went on to say, “The Harney County Committee of Safety obviously has not evolved to the point where they recognize ‘state of nature,’ whether it was presented to them, or not. Until you get that… distinct… sense of we have a right to control our own destinies, which is what happened back in 1774, 1775, you’re going to be ineffective, but at least you’ve started that progression.” HUNT then referred SHANE to one of his articles, “The Other Not So Thin Line.” He said that this article is important because it describes what it means to be in a “state of nature.” [MP3 Link]

I’m thinking they were investigating the concept of Committees of Safety too; reason being, other than the brief mention early on in the clip, the rest of it seems particularly irrelevant to their investigation.

At 1:17:20, HUNT talked about double encryption with respect to email. Hunt explained that double encryption involves encrypting by hand something before it is ever typed out on a computer. [MP3 Link]

This is obviously not a direct quote, but the paraphrasing is accurate.

At 1:21:50, HUNT begins to talk about “Security Teams.” HUNT described a security team as a secret team consisting of a small group of people looking out for the personal protection of its members. HUNT provided details of his own security team from the 1990’s when he was in Florida. HUNT discussed illegal activity his team was engaged with, which included harboring a fugitive and destroying evidence. HUNT also spent time talking about operational security of a security team. HUNT also mentioned that there is a similar concept to the security team called “Leaderless Resistance.” [MP3 Link]

Note: Since this discussion on security teams continued throughout the remainder of the show, I have only included a brief clip to verify the correct timestamp.


As is very clear, the focus of this investigation was the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and possibly the Committees of Safety concept as well—this report was entered on January 6th, 2016. The focus was also NOT LUA, but actually Gary Hunt, it would seem. Nonetheless, it is an absolute honor to be included in an investigate report by such an esteemed and prestigious institution. If I wasn’t on a government watchlist yet, I think it’s safe to say I am now.

If I ever lose this broadcast, the FBI has a copy, and I would posit that it would be MUCH easier to obtain one from them, rather than from the NSA. Hell, as I proved in my FOIA report a few years back, “they [NSA] can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such reports,” as that could be vital to national security.


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